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Corporate Training and Management Development / Skill Upgradation Workshops attending and addressing to various needs of following nature are undertaken at Corp Scan Group.
  1. Soft Skills
  2. Management Skills
  3. Behavioral Skills
  1. Technical Skills
  2. Infotech Skills
  3. Linguistic Skills

Competencies & Capability

  1. 800+ Faculty on panel
  2. From 09 Countries
  3. 450+ Training Modules

Corp Scan Group - since 1999

Knowledge Kampus™
  • 06 Buckets of Programs
  • 42 Modules
  • 05 Packages
Learning at Less Than a Movie Cost !
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Training Programs and Skill Upgradation Workshops Hot CakesWisdom Bytes™
  • 26 Discrete Modules
  • 08 Skill Sets
  • 40 Batch Size
Motivates Attitudinal Change In Pursuits !
→ Find A New You in YOUrself ←
goGallivant has modules for the corporate employees to get trained in management and interpersonal skills through the medium of outdoor exposure.
  1. it's Play but not a Joke
  2. it's Fun and still Learning
  3. free from stress & ego alike
Out Bound Training Programs Skill Upgradation Workshops


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